Hello everyone, and welcome to my new place!

I’ve renamed my blog (from Oh So Tasty! for those who are familiar with it), and I like this name much better. Wanna know why? Because it gives me hope. It’s not really my kitchen yet. It’s my mom’s. So, naming it “Yasmine’s Kitchen (But Only When Her Mom Isn’t Using It)” seemed a bit mean to me. What if you want to tell your friends about how awesome this blog is and you didn’t feel like saying the whole title? So, yes. I’ll have my kitchen one day, mom… One. Day. Soon.

This makes it sound like I want to kill my mom to take over it or something.
I assure you that this is not what I meant.
I promise.
Please don’t inform the authorities.
I’m not insane.


The reasons I stopped food blogging in the past few months:
1- I lost my point and shoot camera.
2- I got too busy in school.
3- I was doing the 52 books challenge.

But, a lot changed:
1- I purchased a new camera. An awesome Canon EOS 550D that I’m absolutely in love with.
2- I am/will be less busy.
3- I’m not doing any type of challenge this year.

So, yes. You may see that as a promise from me to you to post recipes for yummy stuff. STARTING TODAY! Stay tuned for the next post.

I haven’t deleted the recipes from my old blog, and I’ll add some of them to the recipes page, but I won’t move them here.

أوه بغيت أنسى!
اللي يتابعون البلوق عشان الوصفات ومب عشان هذرتي اللي مالها سنع، رح أصير أحط الوصفة بالعربي بنهاية البوست. 😀

6 thoughts on “Hello!”


    Glad that you have finally gotten on board! Your last blog was a huge success, believe me. My cousins and I still use your Peanut Butter Marshmallow Krispie Topped Brownies recipe *drools*

    Can’t wait for your mouth-drooling dishes!

  • قادتني المصادفة إلى هذا المكان ..كم أنت رائعة ومبدعة..ننتظر كتاب طبخ تقومين بإعداده ..لاشك سيلقى رواجاً وياليت يترجم إلى أكثر من لغة..

  • شيء رائع .. مكان جميل ومشرق ويبعث على النشاط ..
    سأكون من زوار هذا المكان الدائمين
    موفقة ياسمين ()

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