New York Bagels خبز البيقل النيو يوركي

New York Bagels خبز البيقل النيو يوركي

Hello there! Long time no see. For those of you wondering where I’ve been… Well, I’ve been busy graduating, and settling into a new apartment (and new kitchen appliances, yay). Oh, and on top of all of that… WRITING MY OWN COOKBOOK! That’s right. I’m […]

هل أحافظ على المدونة؟

مرت سنة وأكثر من شهر على آخر بوست حطيته في المدونة’ وكالعادة جاني تذكير إنه لازم أسدد الهوستنق والدومين عشان تستمر المدونة موجودة أونلاين. السؤال هو: وين كنت؟ الجواب السريع: انستقرام. حاولت أطور من نفسي كثير في  السنة اللي فاتت، ولاحظت تطوري زاد سرعته بنسبة […]

Banana Chocolate Loaf~ كيك الموز بالشوكولاته

  We almost never have any overripe bananas left. So, you can see how impossible it is for us to be able to make banana bread. We just LOVE bananas! Sometimes, they’re gone before they’re even fully ripe. I mean, how can you not love […]

15 Premium Chocolates: Tasted and Reviewed!

After my stash of Valrhona chocolate was nearing disappearance, I quickly started to panic and I thought, “How am I going to live without high quality chocolate by my side?” To quite a few, that seems like an exaggeration and loving thyself a bit too much. […]

Chewy Ginger Cookies~بسكوت بالزنجبيل

Chewy Ginger Cookies~بسكوت بالزنجبيل

I have posted a few photos of these cookies on instagram (here, and here) and I received a LOT of requests from people asking me for the recipe. I figured it’s time. Especially with the lower temperatures approaching… I HOPE. I love winter. You get […]

Middle Eastern Sticky Bun~كعكة شرقية بالمشمش والفستق

Let me start by saying that this isn’t an authentic middle eastern recipe. Disappointed? Well, if you happen to love the taste of Baklava and Arabian desserts in general, you won’t be feeling so disappointed after you taste this. So sticky, so soft, so gooey. […]

Orange, Honey, and Brown Butter Madeleines~كيكات مادلين بالبرتقال والعسل والزبدة البنية

While I’ve been very active on my instagram lately, I’ve also been very lazy to post on my blog. I promised you that I’d post a lot of things but instead I’ve been trying new recipes and experimenting. Madeleines are basically small French butter cakes […]

Pink Lemonade with Orange Blossom Water~ليمونادة بالغرينادين وماء الزهر

It’s over 40 degrees celsius in Riyadh and everyone is complaining about the heat! Dehydration and sweat (ekh!) comes to mind. This pink lemonade with its Arabian twist will totally cool down anyone under the hot blazing sun. 😀 It’s delicious, simple, and looks pretty, […]

Pear and Almond Tart~تارت الكمثرى واللوز

Ah, where do I begin? It all started with a large bag of pears my father brought from the supermarket. Forelle pears, to be specific. Who on earth consumes 20+ pears in a few days? NO ONE, THAT’S WHO. Even in a family where the […]


Maybe I should become a recipe tester instead of a recipe developer. It’s easier. Plus, I am starting to love reviewing cookbooks and recipes. But, nah. Nothing feels quite as amazing as creating something and doing it over and over again till it’s how you like it. […]