Yasmine Alfouzan. A professional recipe developer, and a self-declared, dedicated foodie. A photographer, but only of food. When it comes to culinary knowledge, I have an insatiable thirst for it.

Art, music, films, books, science, and video games interest me.

Here is where I share anything I think might interest you.


For business enquiries, leave your contact information in my ask page.

أنا ياسمين الفوزان. مطورة وكاتبة وصفات. شغفي بعلم الطبخ والطعام غير منتهي وواسع. مصورة… ولكن للطعام، فقط.

إهتماماتي تشمل الفنّ والأفلام والموسيقى والكتب والعلوم والفيديو قيمز.

وهنا سأكتب عن كل ما أعتقد أنه سيثير إهتمامكم في عالم الطعام والطبخ.

للتواصل، اترك معلوماتك في صفحة “اسألني”.

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  • Just found your beautiful almond-lemon cake 4th July recipe on foodgawker, beautiful recipe, can’t wait to try it, and also the recipe for the almond paste. i live in KSA too, so often find it difficult to get hold of some ingredients. I will be faithfully following your blog from now on. Good luck with all you do. Best wishes.

    • Trust me, I know how difficult it can get for you to find some ingredients here. It takes a lot of time and search, so having a wide circle of people interested in cooking helps! Thank you for your kind words. I am very flattered. 🙂 Welcome!

  • Wow.. fascinating! we need more people like you in the community! professional, talented, passionate about what you’re doing, and sharing with people. I wish you all the best, reading this really made my day 😀 thank you and keep it up.

    kind Regards~

    • Reading YOUR feedback made MY day! Thank you for that. I am only doing what makes me happy… obtaining knowledge and not keeping it to myself. 😀

  • I’m surprised when i read ur recipes in arabic, spicily when i find ur websit on foodgawker.com
    we glad of u qassim girl ;p

  • I love this blog, I admire your work I mean your cooking :p and your photographs and I wish I could try one of your recipes one day. Good luck with your life 😀

    • أنا مسويته.. استخدم شيء ثيم بيسك وصمممته 🙂
      ما أتوقع بتلقين مثله لأني مصممته خصيصاً لنفسي، بس بتلقين أوبشنز كثيرة زينة

  • Hello Yasmine,

    My name is Alaa and i work at DABO & CO PR agency in Dubai and i handle several accounts such as Nokia and Canon.

    I have noticed that photography is greatly involved in your blog so I would be grateful if you can share with me your contact details (email & telephone #) on my email address alaa.h@daboandco.com to discuss how we can work together.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.


  • I admire you! I have been following your instagram for a while and was always amazed by your knowledge and dedication. Then i find out how young you are! And it astonished me! I am a year older than you are and what you do inspires me greatly <3
    Keep it up <3 either blogging or only instgramming I am looking forward to what you share <3

    • Aww thank you SO much for your nice words of encouragement and compliments, it means a lot to me that you took the time to let me know and make me happy! I will keep doing it and I appreciate your support <3 THANK YOU ABEER!

  • Hi Yasmine,

    I work in an ad agency, which is currently working on the launch of a new home appliances brand across Saudi Arabia. We are inviting bloggers on board for a long period activity for the brand.
    The brand is a newcomer in KSA. The brand is looking to talk to home cooks, homemakers and high net value women.

    With a group of bloggers, we would like to kickstart a blog for the brand, with topics varying across cooking and home care.
    Your blog is something that we can associate with the brand personality. Can we connect over email so we can talk further?
    Let me know soon.

    Thank you,

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